Spice Capsules


The condiment capsules are meant for quick and easy preparation of warm and heavenly delicious milk drinks. And not only. The capsules will also perfectly go with cakes, pancakes, muffins and porridges. Spices that are specifically selected based on the authentic ayurveda recipes make a positive impact on ones wellbeing, body and mind.

You can buy the healthy and tasty capsules: Valteriitis and Anciitis here.


Lead a healthy life
The impact of the spices in accordance to the ayurveda
clock Save time
Pour the contents of the capsule and that is it! Don’t waste time on preparation and dosage of the spices
1 capsule = 1 portion
Easy math! Prepare for yourself or many others at once
 gimene No age restrictions
Capsules can be consumed at all ages, wether it’s the gran, parents, their little ones or even infants
 davana_2 A gift
We believe that those small presents can sometimes grow into something big